Feeling the Nip? Book a Boiler Service Soon!

It’s Scotland and it’s winter, what more do I really need to say about it being cold? In all fairness the past month or so has been colder than normal for a Scottish winter. That is in part due to the snow storms and colder weather coming from the north and sweeping across the likes of Edinburgh and central Scotland.

Boiler Repair in Edinburgh

It is always the winter when your boiler decides enough is enough and it packs up for a little holiday. How rude! Lower temperatures can put more strain on your home heating systems meaning your boiler will have top be on for longer and more consistent which means a boiler service is likely wise before the colder weather sets in. I spoke with a boiler repair company in Edinburgh and they have an annual boiler service which only costs £90 + VAT for the yearly service. A cheap price to pay for peace of mind.

If though you have got to winter and not had it services you can still book in with your local plumber and boiler experts, it is never too late. Well it can be too late if you have left it so long that you wake up to a boiler that isn’t working. Then you have a slight emergency on your hands.

My advice at this point would be to look for a boiler repair company that has the experience, insurance and has great reviews. I usually suggest asking friends and family for suggestions as I am sure everyone has had the misfortune of a broken down boiler to deal with. Many plumbers in Edinburgh and around Scotland will have emergency appointments for this who are without heating and hot water, so you should be able to have someone out soon. If you are struggling you can always have a look through the Edinburgh Trusted Trader websites for plumbers and boiler repairmen who are trusted in the Edinburgh area.

Be sure to keep warm this winter and book yourself a boiler service in 2019.